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Will she make a good wife quiz

In , Dr. Armitage published Private Sex Advice to Women. His intended readership: young wives and young women who plan to marry. The purpose of his book was "to give enlightenment to those entering into wedlock so their married life will be one of happiness and pleasure. So, let's test your knowledge of doctor-approved sexual health info and, I guess, the likelihood that you would've experienced happiness and pleasure in your marriage in the early 20th century! Armitage, in explaining the anatomy of the vagina, says that the hymen is vulgarly known as the "maiden head.

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Would You Make A Good Wife Quiz?

Please leave empty:. Yes, I can do rice, chicken curry, lots of fancy international stuff: D. Yes, I can do normal stuff, like a pie or soup, maybe a cake. Yes, I get by, but I can't do anything from scratch, only cans, frozen, etc. No, I can't cook - not much past popcorn, anyway. I wouldn't want to work after I'm married, unless it's something from home writing, selling cakes, gardening, etc.

Maybe only a part-time job doing something rewarding photography, freelancing anything, etc. Oh, a normal job - probably full-time secretary, waitress, manager, etc.

Oh, yes, I can! In general, my living space is clean and neat. Well, I can, but it's not as organized as it could be. I couldn't live in a museum, anyway. I clean when I need to, but otherwise, I like it the way it is - an organized mess. But not dirty, no. No way, my place is a pigpen - in the best sense! Wait, what's this gray fuzzy thing on the plate under the desk? Oh, we got on well. We had our rough times, of course, but I was always Daddy's little girl.

Oh, all right, I guess. I don't hate them, and they don't hate me. I get along better with my mom. No, they pretty much dislike me now. Mostly my dad, and I shun both of them. I love all kids! I would like to have them, and I hope my husband does, too. Yes, I love kids, and babies too - but I'm open. If he wants them, then I do, too. If he doesn't, then I don't. Uh, kids aren't my thing. They're kind of annoying, but babies are always cute to look at.

I don't think I want kids. Well, I'm flexible. I wouldn't mind a few cats or dogs if he wants them as well. But I love animals. OMG, yes! I couldn't live without them! No thank you! Let's say you and your friend made plans to meet at the movie theater at 6 p. It's to be only you and your friend. After waiting for 30 minutes, it's now and she calls to say she's sorry, but she's going on a date with two guys and can't make it.

You're furious. Say a few sharp words, fuss about it all night, and have it out with her on the phone the next day.

Then make up and continue to be good friends. Hold it in, don't say anything, but continue to hold a grudge for a long time, and never say anything. Become cold and distance yourself from her. Have a huge fight on the phone the next day, and stop being friends.

Say many hurtful things to each other. Let's say you have a brother two years younger than you. You two get along well. He comes home from school with a heartbroken look on his face. He goes face down on the couch and stays like that for at least 10 minutes without moving. Something is not right. Come sit by him and ask him what's wrong. When he doesn't answer, you stay a while, bring his favorite drink, and he slowly starts telling you about what happened.

You sympathize the best you can. Do your best to draw him out, but he refuses to communicate, and so you give up and do something else and forget about him. Ignore him altogether, and decide that if he has a problem he'll come to you, which in the end he never does, and you forget about the matter entirely.

I have my opinions, of course, but if someone doesn't agree or doesn't want to do what I do, I compromise. I say that they can keep their opinions and I'll keep mine. Well, I like everything, anyway, and I don't have many fixed opinions. I'm very easy-going. Well, If I don't like something, or I don't want to do something, then there's no changing me. Oh, normal stuff: knitting, sewing, scrapbooks, cooking, etc.

Well, I like photography, writing, gardening, painting, drawing, etc. I like watching TV! Does playing games on the computer count? Stuff that doesn't require energy. Huge house in Beverly Hills with celebrities on either side. Medium house in quiet neighborhood with garden. Small apartment in city center with high-class amenities all around.

Last of all, what's your favorite color? Do not underestimate this question - a smart person can tell your whole personality by your favorite color. Blue, purple or black. Yellow or orange. Pink or white. Comments Change color. Straightn't Oh you're offering emotional closeness, mutual support, compatible interests and happiness?

Also I'm le big gay so y'all are dumb :. Invisible I really love cleaning and baking and cooking. Palica Also this is really stereotypical and sexist. Why do you assume that it's he not she? Some one No name I got the same as well that was fun. Untitled Document So ummm This is kind of sexist saying woman only do cooking, cleaning, change diapers, take the kids to school, knit, etc.

Why can't the husband do it? Joanna Well That Was Fun You will be the faithful and understanding wife: the most practical type. You will go where he goes and do what he does. If he wants kids, you'll want kids. If he doesn't, well, you'll be just fine with that. You are sweet, loyal, faithful, understanding, and will do fine with almost any type of guy, as long as he loves you and is kind to you.

Quiz: Is Your S.O. More Girlfriend or Wife Material?: HowStuffWorks

How much do you know about dinosaurs? What is an octane rating? And how do you use a proper noun? Lucky for you, HowStuffWorks Play is here to help. Our award-winning website offers reliable, easy-to-understand explanations about how the world works.

Gather round fellas, it is time to build the perfect wife! What will her hair look like?

Take this quiz and find out! Are you the type of date someone would bring home to mom? How long until you find that special someone? Lifestyle Job , love , Marriage.

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Or the girl? First things first -- how long have you been together? Around six months. Things are really starting to ignite! I feel so at home with them. Mostly great. I always feel great, but a little uneasy at times. Pretty okay. We have yet to have an argument! Have you talked about money?

Are You a Good Wife?

How much do you know about dinosaurs? What is an octane rating? And how do you use a proper noun? Lucky for you, HowStuffWorks Play is here to help.

My partner is my best friend.

Please leave empty:. Yes, I can do rice, chicken curry, lots of fancy international stuff: D. Yes, I can do normal stuff, like a pie or soup, maybe a cake. Yes, I get by, but I can't do anything from scratch, only cans, frozen, etc.

15 Qualities Of A Good Wife

You might be able to find that perfect woman based on your physical expectations but then you discover they fall well short of being ideal when you find out what their personality is like. There are women almost everywhere you look. Short ones, tall ones, skinny ones, and plump ones.

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Marriage is teamwork. And it requires both the partners to put in their individual efforts to make things work. But wait. Because, it is not. Read on.

Quiz: Am I good wife material?

Have you ever wondered if you are a good wife? Would you like to know? Created by:. You will see several questions asking about your spouse and your marriage. Be honest and at the end you will see if you are a good wife! This test is not based on any scientific study whatsoever.

Dec 4, - Maybe she's got too many chins for you but her eyes draw you in. Let's face it, there are very few guys that will ever find a perfect wife. Do you.


Are you a good wife?


Would I Make A Good Wife?






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