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How to make your husband a happy man

Join AARP at 1 p. Learn more. A couple kiss while cleaning house in this undated photo. One of the keys to a happy marriage is small, romantic gestures that lets your partner know you love them.

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8 Ways to Celebrate Your Husband (or Wife). Tonight!

A happy husband is a man who feels loved by his wife in all ways possible. In the beginning of a marriage there is romance, intimacy and warmth, but over time these feelings sometimes dissipate. There are ways to keep your husband happy for many years of marriage. The happier he is, the happier you will both be. Women talk about and express their feelings more than do men, but remember that men have feelings too. A man can go through a range of emotions from the start of the day to the end of a day.

When there is an issue that needs to be discussed involving feelings, sit down and discuss it together. Never discount the importance of physical closeness during these moments. There is no substitute for a kiss or a hug that communicates the message: I am in your corner. Criticism and nagging do not make for a happy husband. It is not always easy to hold your tongue but learn to separate the small issues from the larger ones and let petty things go.

So maybe he never fills up the windshield washer fluid in the car when it is running low or he always leaves the newspaper open on the dining room table. These are not major problems. Refrain from nagging.

In fact, nagging often causes the action to get worse, not better. Keep in mind that you may do things that bother him too. Consider yourselves even in that regard and move on. A happy husband is a man who knows his wife is proud of him. He knows this because his wife makes it a practice to tell him all of the time. But she knows not to go overboard and make the gesture seem phony. The wife who knows how to make her husband happy also knows that public acknowledgment is also important.

She praises him when she is amongst family and friends and makes sure he knows it. A happy husband likes to have his ego stroked as often as possible.

To keep your husband happy and keep the zest and zing in your marriage, realize that sex is extremely important to men. Make sex a top priority and your hubby will be smiling from sun up to sun down.

A happy husband is one who is getting his needs met in the bedroom and who knows that he is satisfying his wife as well. For men sex is high on the list of priorities, and is analogous to the need for food.

She must make a concentrated effort to get inside his head and figure out where he is coming from in this regard. Develop a flair for the unexpected and send surprises his way whenever you can. Make it your secret surprise. What husband would not welcome that kind of homecoming? Leave him a note under his pillow, next to the coffee maker or on the seat of his car telling him how much you love and appreciate him.

Forego using a pen and instead think outside the box—use your favorite lipstick! If he carries a briefcase to work, stuff a little note inside with your lipstick print and spritz your favorite perfume on it. He will be so focused on how happy a husband you make him that he will have a difficult time concentrating at the board meeting.

Surprise your husband with his favorite treat such as cupcakes with cream cheese frosting or brownies when he least expects it; this sends the message that you are in tune with what he likes.

A small gift from time to time just to show him how much you love and value him is always welcome. Show respect for your husband. Pay attention to the words you use when you speak to him and the intonation of the words.

Perhaps you meant to say something pleasant but it came out in a sarcastic manner. Men are as attuned to the nuances of speech as women, so be aware of how you say things and be sure to apologize if you are in the wrong. Likewise, be sure to let him know when he has offended you in a tactful way and build strong, open lines of communication. Communication between the sexes is not always easy but bear in mind that women and men are more similar than different when it comes to how they feel.

While they may communicate in dissimilar ways, it is vital to make an effort to find a happy medium and to work from there. Make sure you are both clear on what the other person is saying before you move on in the conversation. This is a key point when it comes to making joint decisions as a couple. A happy husband is made happier when he does not feel as though he blends into the woodwork or is a fixture in the home. Do what you can to show him that he is not an obligation to you, a routine or a pattern but that he is the love of your life, your life partner and that he matters, today, tomorrow and always.

Use your special powers as a wife to make your husband shine. Bask in the love you share together. Laugh together, cry together and never stop doing funny, silly or outrageous things together. Learn his love language at FiveLoveLanguages. All marriages need spice so heat it up the way the two of you do best! Together time is important, but so is alone time.

Give your husband his space when he needs it. Wives need time to do their own woman things and husbands need the same consideration. Encourage him to do so. If he comes home a little tipsy, do not reprimand him like a child but be thankful that he had the sense to call a cab! Where there is a happy husband there is to be found a happy wife. A couple that are happy together are able to transmit love back and forth, creating a ripple effect to other members of the family.

Happiness cannot be seen but it can certainly be felt and it can lead to a future that is rich in love and joy. Ask your husband if he is happy and the answer you receive could lead to a greater strengthening of your bond. Value the merits of happiness and let it guide the love you have for one another.

Are We Meant To Be? Is your relationship meant to be? Take our meant-to-be quiz and get closer along the way! Healthy Home. Paying Attention to Hubby Women talk about and express their feelings more than do men, but remember that men have feelings too. Happy Sex Life, Happy Husband To keep your husband happy and keep the zest and zing in your marriage, realize that sex is extremely important to men.

This is an area where men and women often differ. Men need the rush of physical intimacy to feel emotionally connected to their wives. Sign up for our Healthy Living Newsletter! Thanks for signing up for our newsletter!

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How To Make Your Husband Happy

How do you make your husband happy? How do you make him feel how blessed or lucky he is to have you as his wife? How do you make him loyal to you so that your marriage will be happier , healthier, and will last longer? Like other human beings with a heart and soul, we also need things beyond physics and nature that can fill our spirits with joy. Every marriage is a unique story but here are 12 ways that may help you inspire your husband with joy and happiness.

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Your words have great power in the life of your husband … they can lift him up and give him confidence, or they can beat him down. Your words can make a difference in the life of your husband. We have compiled a list of fifty things to say to your husband to make him feel great. Why not try one today?

10 Ways to Make Your Husband Happy (and Your Marriage Better!)

Have you ever wondered what you could do and how to make your husband happy? You are not alone! Men can be mysterious creatures. We created a survey that asked husbands what they really wish their wives knew. We got a huge number of responses from husbands of all different ages and backgrounds. We were seriously blown away with the responses that we received and wanted to share them all with you! These were the ten most common answers that will help you really learn how to understand men.

13 Ways To Make Your Husband A Happy Man

Need to make your husband happy? Like genuinely happy? A blissful marriage is doable. Even in the 21 st century. You are cable of a long-lasting, blissful, engaging, awesome marriage.

When was the last time you did something special to make your husband happy? The man you exchanged vows with is so much more than just a provider and a pair of useful hands around the house.

Updated: April 20, References. Keeping a marriage fresh and exciting can be challenging, amidst the stress of daily life. Thankfully, there are small deeds that you can do to keep your husband happy and let him know that you love him more and more each day.

50 Ways to Make your Husband Happy - How to Please the Man in Your Life

He comes closer to you. Gives a naughty look, and then pulling you nearer to his masculine body, makes you feel wanted. Slowly he starts kissing your neck and just when you get into the mood, you hear the doorbell ring.

I'm happily married to a fantastic man that I love deeply and completely. Dealing with an unhappy husband can be absolutely miserable. After the initial wedding bliss wears off and everything goes back to normal, things can often get tough pretty quickly. Here are 20 ways to keep your husband happy. Keep in mind that there are plenty of other ways you can make him happy as well; the main thing to understand is that you want to do things for him that he will appreciate and notice.

How To Impress Your Husband: 12 Tricks To Attract Him All Again

When a woman marries a man, she expects him to keep her happy. In fact, everyone else always talks about how a husband should keep his wife happy. No one discusses how a wife can make her husband a happy man. But it takes two to tango in a marriage. If your husband is unhappy, then you possibly cannot enjoy a happy marriage. That is why; it is imperative for every woman to know how to make her husband happy. If not for anything else, you must learn these tricks for your own happiness. It is not enough to know how to make your husband happy in bed.

Feb 14, - 10 ways to make sex feel awesome for your husband, when you want to You have to be careful with this one, and it depends on your man, but many for not being spicier, or be happier that you can see why HE'S happy!

The honeymoon period in most marriages has a shelf life. But does that mean you can't bring back those fluttery butterfly feelings of excitement and anticipation everyone experiences at the beginning of a relationship? Absolutely not.

6 Guaranteed Ways to Make Your Husband Happy

A happy husband is a man who feels loved by his wife in all ways possible. In the beginning of a marriage there is romance, intimacy and warmth, but over time these feelings sometimes dissipate. There are ways to keep your husband happy for many years of marriage. The happier he is, the happier you will both be.

15 Ways to Make Your Husband Happy Every Day

It's not just compliments and sex he's hoping for — though, let's face it, he wouldn't mind a little more of those, too. Or whatever your silly side has the urge to do. Men feel relief when they get an occasional break from a woman's serious, action-oriented sides which he's not knocking; he totally digs how ambitious and efficient you are. Of course he's not going to complain when anyone says something nice about him who would?



12 Ways to Make Your Husband Happy



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