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How to find a vampire boyfriend

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Twilight and Twilight: New Moon have already established that vampires make the worst boyfriends. They're controlling and moody and stalk you via weird ghost visions every time they sense you're in "danger"—which translates to every time they sense you're talking to the adorable, perpetually shirtless and glistening CGI Husky who lives next door. But let's say you decide to stick it out with your sparkly vampire boyfriend. Maybe you love his dried glitter glue pallor. Maybe you find what looks like a constant severe case of pink eye really attractive. Maybe you have literally nothing else going on in your life and so you desperately cling to supernatural creatures.

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15 Signs Your Hot New Boyfriend Might Be An Actual Supernatural Vampire

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Pick a color that describes you. Would you rather kill an evil human or an innocent animal? Would you rather get turned on by blood or by insects?

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You and your Vampire Boyfriend part 1

He's charming and mysterious and has a thing for reading minds. He's shameless and witty. He's got a heart of gold, his love will always be pure and he will always protect you from danger. He's the king of vampires and half wolf so don't get on the wrong side of him he's deadly and gets his own way but if he cares about you he will do everything in his power to keep you safe. He's one of the originals and older brother of Klaus.

The fact that he might just be a vampire makes him even more tantalizing, but how do you know if he's actually a vampire or just a pale-skinned hunk? Does he consistently curse God and all that is holy? How much blood does he drink?

Sheila Holland, known by her pen name Charlotte Lamb born 22 December in Dagenham, Essex, England and died 8 October in Isle of Man , was a prolific and bestselling romantic novelist. She left school at 16, and got a job at the Bank of England as a clerk. Lamb continued to teach herself by taking advantage of the bank's library during her lunch breaks and after work. She later worked as a secretary for the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Want a Vampire Boyfriend or Girlfriend? Take This Quiz: Should You Date a Vampire?

Are vampires sexy or scary? Maybe a little of both! Do you agree? Are you attracted to vampires? Not everyone can handle a vampire boyfriend or girlfriend. Do you have what it takes? When it came down to it, would you really want to have a romantic relationship with a vampire? Being with a vampire takes a certain skill set.

where can i find myself a vampire boyfriend?

Oy, another silly teenaged girl who thinks Twilight is real! Get out into the real world and stop confusing movies with reality! The people who dress a certain Gothic way and live a certain lifestyle may call themselves vampires but they do not, I repeat do NOT have magical powers or immortal life - and yes, I have friends who do that and no they are not crazy! And they don't ALL go get cosmetic surgery and implanted fangs. Repeat after me: Robert Pattinson is an actor.

Having your very own dark and sexy vampire boyfriend would of course totally rock all sorts of awesome. But like most good things there are a few downsides to it as well.

Updated: November 20, References. Although the underground vampire culture has been alive and well for numerous years, the recent pop culture fascination with vampires and vampirism has drawn new attention to the modern vampire lifestyle. Log in Facebook. No account yet?

Who is your vampire boyfriend

Start the quiz! What kind of Movies you like? Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

It's no great secret that literature is full of monster boyfriends. We've seen zombie boyfriends and demon boyfriends and that perpetual runner-up, the werewolf boyfriend. But anyone who's ever wandered through the paranormal romance section of their local bookstore can tell you that vampire boyfriends still rule the genre with a pale, well-manicured fist. But what makes a vampire date-able? Out of all the great vampire boyfriends of literature, who comes out on top? Lucky for you, I am a vampire scientist, and I am here to share my findings with this completely objective, not at all made up ranking of the greatest literary vampire boyfriends ever to rise from the dead.

10 Vampire Boyfriends In Literature, Ranked From Worst To Best


Nov 20, - Ever try explaining to a grandparent how to use a computer? Frustrating right? Imagine having to explain it to a centuries old vampire. “Back in my.








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