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They are mainly known as Lucaya. Maya first noticed Lucas on the subway and had a "relationship" with him for less than a minute. It was later revealed that Lucas is in the same history class with her. Maya started sitting in front of him and their relationship is filled with banters and arguments which they have both acknowledged as a "game".

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Girl Meets Rileytown

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It aired on September 25, to 2. When Riley lashes out at Maya over an innocent comment, Farkle suspects there's something serious going on behind Riley's oversensitivity.

Riley pretends to be sick to stay home from school, but Maya notices she's more upset than sick. When trying to find out what has Riley so down, Maya mentions "Rileytown", the made-up land where all of Riley's goofiness and happiness comes from. Angered, Riley pushes Maya away, demanding she stop being a bully. Riley complains she wants to quit being weird, and become the girl nobody notices.

In class, Cory tells the students about the duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton, and Riley and Maya continue their argument about whether or not Maya is being a bully. Riley decides that, like Burr and Hamilton, she and Maya are also having a "conflict" and challenges Maya to a duel, which she accepts, much to Cory's chagrin.

They have their duel at Topanga's using nearly-expired ice cream. As they're about to fire, Maya hands her ice cream to Cory, but Riley stuffs her ice cream cone in Maya's face and storms out. The gang wonders what happened to cause the big change in Riley when Farkle suddenly has a realization; after sending Zay and Lucas out of the room he confides in Maya that he believes someone is bullying Riley in a manner very similar to when he was bullied by Billy Ross ; he tells Maya that Riley's actions are her way of pleading with Maya to listen to her.

Realizing Farkle is right, Maya runs to Riley back at the bay window; the two argue again, but Riley eventually opens up, albeit vaguely, describing how an unreasonable girl whose name Riley does not reveal keeps sending her threatening texts; humiliated and in tears, Riley also reveals that the harassment has been going on for a few weeks. She then apologizes for stuffing the ice cream in Maya's face, for which Maya promises retribution saying "You're never going to see it coming.

Back at Topanga's, Farkle tells Lucas what's going on with Riley, and explains that he tied him up with towels for fear that he might turn back into "Texas Lucas". Without a word, Lucas angrily breaks the towel racks holding him in place and treads to the bay window where he effortlessly pushes down the barricade that Riley and Maya put up over the window to keep him out; Farkle and Zay arrive shortly afterward. Indignant that Riley didn't come to him, Lucas reminds her that the whole point of having friends is so she doesn't have to go it alone; Farkle backs up Lucas' words and then reminds her of how she pressed him to open up about his own situation.

The next day in class, Cory reveals that he knows something is going on with Riley, which Maya confirms. While Cory respects Riley's privacy he also tells her it's okay to ask for help if she needs to. He then cautions the others, especially Maya and Lucas, to go about handling the situation the right way; he states that even though Burr bested Hamilton in their duel, he never held political office again and is remembered only for killing Hamilton. The four later go back to Topanga's, where Riley tells how the bully sent her a secret video of Riley doing something that even Maya was unaware of: hosting a private awards show at school in the empty hallway after everyone else had left; the bully has threatened to share the video with everyone else at school.

Riley decides that she needs to face her bully in person, and Maya and the others all swear they have her back. The next day in the school hallway after class, Riley has her confrontation with the girl, who remains unseen and unheard; while Riley acknowledges some of the quirky things she does, she doesn't care what others think because it's who she is. She then neutralizes the bully's threat of sharing the secret video by performing her "Riley Awards" ceremony in front of all her friends, who show up behind her.

Pretending to be 'British Riley', she announces that Riley has won the award for not only facing her fear, but doing so in front of everyone. The girl is heard walking away, and Maya observes her response by saying, "Look, Riles. The farther away she goes, the smaller she gets. Cory: Why would you let them do this? Topanga: Well, it's a slow day, and the ice cream expires tomorrow. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Farkle: How do you know so much about this, Zay? Zay: Well, back in Texas, we call this a Wednesday. Farkle: She's goofy and unique! That's what we all love about her. Maya: So then what's the problem?

Zay: So what? You guys just come through the window and that's okay? I don't like it. It's impolite. Oh, and I took some cereal. You're out of milk Riley: Will you get back at me for the ice cream? Maya: Oh, yeah, and you're never gonna see it coming.

Riley: Couldn't you tell me just before you're gonna do it? Maya: No, honey, that would hurt my enjoyment. Riley: You're the worst bully ever, Peaches. Maya: I know. Lucas: Farkle, what are you doing? Farkle: Don't Lucas: Okay. Riley: This will be done when you treat me like an ordinary person who nobody notices.

Maya: You're not. You're a sweet, weird little goof ball and I love you just the way you are. Deal with it. Cory: That's the best way to resolve a conflict I ever saw. Maya: Why are you my second, Huckleberry? Shouldn't you be over there with Riley? Lucas: Well, it was decided that if things get out of hand, I was the best choice to contain you.

Maya: Oh, you think you can? Lucas: Yeah, but I'll probably pay for it pretty good. Farkle: You will come back to me after the war, won't you, darling?

Riley: Just give me the ice cream, Farkle. Cory: Any one know what happened? Riley: Please stop picking on me. Maya: So, I'm looking up your fake disease on the fake Internet. Riley: Cough. Maya: No, no, no.

You can't be sick. I don't know how to do this life thing alone! Maya: Rileytown. Riley: Stop saying that! People don't make fun of other people. What did I ever do to you? So stop being weird and stop being happy. No one should be as happy as you. Stop being who you are. Or I'm gonna put my foot in your weird, stupid face.

Maya: Is this serious? Or are we having fun? Riley: You are a bully. I don't like being laughed at, Maya. Maya: I'm not laughing at you, who's laughing at you?

Riley: You never should have come up with it. And you are a bully, okay? Maya: It wants to know if you have crushing weight on your chest. Do you have a crushing weight? Riley: Yep, crushing weight, yep, yep.

Oh, no, oh, no, Maya. I really do! I have the foo foo's! It's like there's an elephant on my chest. Maya: I am, at most, a labradoodle! Maya: How could you not come to me if somebody's bullying you?

Riley: I'm humiliated, Maya I don't want you to see me humiliated. Maya: You thought it would just go away? Riley: Mmhmm.

Lucas and Maya

Girl Meets World has borrowed a ton of story lines from its predecessor, Boy Meets World , but one that's definitely brand new is the love triangle between Riley, Lucas, and Maya that's been raging since season two. Sadly, the love triangle in Girl Meets World has gone on for waaaaaay longer than one episode. But it finally came to an end on last Friday's episode and Lucas finally ended up "choosing" I use that word sooooo loosely — more on that later between Riley and Maya. In Girl Meets Ski Lodge: Part 2 , the whole gang revisited the ski lodge from Boy Meets World , and staying at the lodge made all the relationship drama bubble up to the surface between the gang, especially since Maya's other crush, Riley's uncle Josh, was there.

Co-star James Marsden joins the fun. Watch the video. Title: Girl Meets Rileytown 25 Sep

It aired on September 25, to 2. When Riley lashes out at Maya over an innocent comment, Farkle suspects there's something serious going on behind Riley's oversensitivity. Riley pretends to be sick to stay home from school, but Maya notices she's more upset than sick. When trying to find out what has Riley so down, Maya mentions "Rileytown", the made-up land where all of Riley's goofiness and happiness comes from.

The Girl Lucas Ended Up With on "Girl Meets World" Is Going to Change the Show Completely








Jun 9, - Girl Meets World kicked off its third season with Riley (Rowan Blanchard), Maya (Sabrina Carpenter), Lucas (Peyton Meyer) and the rest of the gang entering This may be ever so slightly tied to that whole “move past the love.








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