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Girl meets world fanfiction riley and lucas break up

After a short-is hiatus, I'm back. It's a bit angsty but I hope you like it. And it may just may, I'm not sure be a little OOC, so sorry for that. Maya couldn't believe what had just happened.

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Lucas and Riley

Maya pulled Lucas aside, preventing him from getting more angry than he was. He huffed, and stared at the floor as a frown painted Maya's face. I've never seen you this angry before. Maya listened to him thoroughly, noticing how hurt he looked when the name Evan fell off his tongue.

And saying Riley's name had made it even worse for him to stay angry. He must really like her, she thought to herself. Taking a shaky breath, she opened her mouth to reply. Lucas scratched the back of his neck, shrugging. Now she's found someone new to talk to that way. Maybe Maya was just wasting her time on some boy who couldn't make a goddamn decision.

So for a test, she hesitated before speaking again. She feared if she looked him in the eyes as she said it, Maya would break down. This was her second real rejection from another boy. Lucas stared at her nervously, not knowing how to respond properly. Immediately breaking the silence, she choked out, "You can't hurt me. This was all for Riley-the friend whom she cared about more than anything. She couldn't put this before her. Slowly and cautiously, he pulled her closer and wrapped his arms around the girl as she rested her head on the crook of his neck, trying her best to hold back tears.

Maya looked straight ahead at the wall, knowing this could be one of their last moments really holding each other.

He would never hold her face in that way, or look into her eyes that way. She didn't really know why he did those things in the first place. Then Lucas pulled away and stared into her eyes that way. Maya frowned at this, and got out of his grip. I don't get why you pulled me close to you back in Texas, I don't get why you have these confusing feelings for me and I don't even know why you like me.

Lucas gaped slightly at her, running his hand over his hair frustratingly. Why am I still in this triangle? You've pretty much made up your mind.

I don't even know why I'm pretending I'm not hurt. Farkle was right. Lucas caught her wrist quickly and pulled her back to him. You can't keep me in this anymore. I know how she feels about you. Maya remained silent, a frown remaining on her face. All it took was a push from me, and you both found each other.

I wouldn't want to be with someone who doesn't even know how he feels about me. Who can't even put it into words. Even as much as you say you feel certain ways about me, she'll always be there.

She gave him one last vulnerable look that came from her heart before beginning to walk away. Suddenly, she stopped, and looked at him from the corner of her eyes. If you like her, don't lose her. But if you don't," she took a breath. And I'll see how I feel. Before you're too late, and someone who knows their feelings finds me.

Lucas rubbed his temples before sitting down on the sofa, pondering his thoughts. Everyone was getting ready to go home, recovering from more shenanigans that had happened that very day.

Maya and Riley were laughing and talking as Lucas stared at the two. Maya didn't even stare at him due to not even noticing his existence at the moment. As Maya put her clothing back in her luggage bag, her hand was suddenly set in someone else's-none other than Josh Matthews. When did this happen? Must've been last night. Josh was the one who sat up talking with Maya, Josh was the one who told her his feelings.

And with that shrivel of hope she had for him, she used it. Maya smiled as she stood up, and held both of Josh's hands as he leaned over and kissed her cheek. Lucas's heart sank in some rejection he didn't know he would feel. Soon enough, Riley met his eyes and a smile lifted onto her face as she walked over to him.

Letting out a breath he didn't know he had been holding, he glanced back at Riley again. She smiled, and he took her hand in his. As soon as everyone was ready and packed, they all walked out together in a line. Before heading on the bus, Maya and Lucas met each other's eyes as they both held their new partner's hands.

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Author's Note: Ok folks! It's time for the flashback chapter! Thanks to all who helped out because this was going to be a crucial chapter either it was the Rucas Flashback or Lucas' First Mission, the Rucas breakup won via knockout so here we go, the winner of your votes and damn were you guys clutch so mad love to you guys I present to you, the Rucas Breakup Flashback but first A little set up prior to the actual flashback, don't get mad at me I needed something to set this all in motion :.

It hurts, to see them together, painfully awkward because they don't know how to act around each other anymore. And it hurts to watch Riley suffer in silence, because she sacrificed the person she could love, for the person she cares about the most. And you knew that Lucas coming was a bad thing, knew it as soon as he walked into the classroom, and charmed both of your friends.

I decided that this is the first story of maybe three? Please comment what you want or what you think will happen and I see you guys tomorrow :! But I still want you to be my girlfriend. Do you want to be my girlfriend? I wake up with an smile on my face, I decided that today is gonna be an great day!

A Christmas Breakup. The group are sophomores in high school. Maya and Mrs. Matthews sat in the bay window watching as Riley boxed up everything that reminded her of that awfulness in her life. They thought she was being silly with how she was acting towards something she loved more than anything. Especially around this time. You know that right? She smiled turning it upside down and admittedly started frowning watching the snow fall. She wasn't going to give in not until she got an apology. She hobbled back to the box putting the snow globe in carefully not to break it.

It was going to be a fluffy one-shot featuring Farkle's gadget watch, but then I wrote it and it sounded like the prologue to something and now here we are. It only took him a few seconds before he realized something was wrong, her head buried in her locker. He quickly stopped and cautiously turned to her. Farkle stumbled backwards, taken aback by her sudden action. For what felt like forever, they just stared at each other; Riley was breathing heavily through clenched teeth while Farkle searched for face for something he could say to help.

I love the characters, but if I make them seem OOC especially Farkle then you guys can give me some critique on how I can make them seem more like the actual characters I feel like I'm gonna suck writing Farkle.

A little while ago, I crossed the threshold of followers on tumblr and held a one shot give away. The winner was cowboy-and-city-girl , who requested a story where after the now infamous scene in the season 3 promo, Riley breaks down and tells Lucas everything. There were a few other requests as well, but I don't want to spoil it for you.

Hey guys. So this is my first story I've written and I'm super excited. I'm not the greatest at writing but I just wanted to giv e it a shot.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Girl Meets World - 3x01 - GM High School Pt 1: Riley & Lucas (Lucas: You are too much for me)

Welcome, readers! Before you start reading my new multi-chaptered fic, let me just get some things across. The first two chapters are kind of boring, not going to lie, but I wanted some fluff before chaos ensues in future chapters. But once we reach chapter three, it should get a lot more interesting. Also, I took the opportunity to include some foreshadowing in this chapter and it's very obvious. The two had become good friends ever since Lucas started dating Riley.

The two are very close friends and both share similar traits of caring and standing up for others. The moment Lucas and Riley share a smile on the subway, Riley is immediately smitten and develops a crush on him. However, as their relationship develops, her original small, shallow crush on Lucas, turns into a strong, and real relationship. Her feelings for him continue to remain the same throughout subsequent episodes although some episodes focus less on their relationship than others. For Lucas, it has been evident that he does return the feelings, but he is not as expressive as Riley is.

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As the class was getting up to leave school for the day, Cory called Lucas back. Lucas looked at Maya, Farkle and, especially, Riley in confusion. They shrugged, saying they didn't know why their twelfth grade History teacher would call him back.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. The Cowboy and The Clutterbucket. Founder: SarakMay - Stories: - Followers: 46 - id: A collection of Maya x Lucas stories Lucaya sweet, bitter, everything.

Maya pulled Lucas aside, preventing him from getting more angry than he was. He huffed, and stared at the floor as a frown painted Maya's face. I've never seen you this angry before. Maya listened to him thoroughly, noticing how hurt he looked when the name Evan fell off his tongue.

Summary-Riley finally breaks, but she didn't expect the reason she would break would be because her of her parents and best friend. I just want to say a quick thank you to 3 people: imaginarybird for helping me out of my funk.

More Rilaya and Zarkle conversation! I apologize for Lucas's absence in this chapter. But I'll make it up to you guys in the next. I promise.

Riley was still in love with Lucas but now he is dating Maya. Riley just break up with Charlie because she likes him but it isn't love. Riley now doesn't talk with Maya and Lucas often because they don't know about what Riley is feeling and she doesn't want to hurt Maya. They are speaking and school but don't hang out after it. Only Farkle now how she feels but he also doesn't tell them too because Riley beg him to that. Maya doesn't that Riley break up with Charlie because her best friends want only talk about Maya staff. Maya and Lucas know that something happening with Riley but now they are focus on their relationship which is weird to them.

The characters are all around twenty-six and twenty-seven at the time of our story. There are some more adult scenes, which is why this story is rated M. Lucas Friar couldn't believe that he was packing up everything in his Texas apartment that he'd called home for the last four years, he only had one more thing to pack away. The poster board he'd used had faded, and he could see the outlines of dreams and goal's he'd accomplished, which he removed.

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