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I blog For a year now, I have been writing on this blog, carving out of Moveable Type bandwidth, an entity that is all mine a bit melodramatic, but it does the trick. Don't misunderstand me, I love all of those things; they give my blog variety and homeyness that is Girl Meets World , but I am missing the element that is professional A. I have added the "filed under" category on my blog recently, which has helped me accomplish some organization, but I thought, periodically, I would compile my blogs to show off my best work, perhaps I can even come back to this entry when I get my graduation portfolio together.

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girl meets world

I am Allia. I like Girl Meets World. I watch it on Dailymotion and YouTube. If anyone can help me by giving me blog tips or tips on anything, really, that'd be helpful. And answer me truthfullywho enjoys quarantine? No one? I totally saw that coming. Anybody got news that will make me not bored? Thanks for reading. Is there a fourth series? If so will it be put on Netflix?

Or is there only three seasons? I LOVE this show. Takes place just after Riley and Maya find out Topanga not taking the job in London. Meanwhile, Auggie and Ava are having issues since they found out they're growing apart. In earlier posts, I set out some ideas for future episodes should GMW come back.. Now I'm going to expound on one of those posts.. Cory asks his class if anyone has ever accused them of being something they know they're not, or of doing something of which they know they're n….

Prom is right aroud the conner and lucas and riley just broke up , but lucas still wants to go to the dace so he ask maya to it she says yes but they like each other at the dace more than they thought they would so they decied to be lucaya.

When Shawn and Maya try to find out why, a very dark and ugly secret from their family history is brought to light. I'm going to do a series of posts here over the next few weeks; some ideas for episodes of GMW I'd love to see made.. I'd like to see what the rest of you think and I'm dispensing with the "Girl Meets--" branding for each title.. Do you guys think Disney just wants to make cartoons and that's why all it's best shows are ending?

Mighty Med had good ratings, but it had to crossover with LR and its ratings plummeted in its new incarnation. The crew consists of all the writers, directors, production managers, editors, etc. All the people who make this show possible!

Posting about all the crew members of the show would be too much, but we just want to give the GMW crew a big Do you know what today is?

It's one of the biggest days of the week: Episodes Day! Girl Meets World is a show and a show is made up of episodes right?

They are where we find ourselves in the world of the gang for 30 whole minutes, falling in love with the people and the places that we meet as we follow the story that our favorite people are experiencing. Once the 30 minutes is up, we fall out of that world and back into reality, leaving us excited to go visit it again. Girl Meets World ended up producing 71 episodes. Cast Day! Today we will take time to appreciate the wonderful cast members of Girl Meets World!

They have brought so much joy into our lives being super funny, talented, and by just being themselves! Her paternal grandfather, an immigrant from the Middle East, had Lebanese, Moroccan, Armenian, and Syrian ancestry, while her paternal grandmother is of Swedish, Danish, and Englis….

So many characters, so many personalities, so many inspirations. Let's start off with Riley! She is bubbly, outgoing, cheerful, optimistic, intelligent, and slightly awkward, and while she is also sensitive, she is not afraid to voice her opinion about things, and will readily stand up for her friends and family.

At first Riley seems immature and noticeably awkward, but as the series progresses, she begins to dres…. Girl Meets World Appreciation Week kicks off today! And we're starting the week off with one very important man Today we are taking a day to appreciate this talented man who are the whole reason why Girl Meets World exists, we got to learn so many valuable lessons and see the beautiful daughter of Cory and Topanga grow and all the beautiful friendships.

Heck, he is the reason why most of you even got what any of that meant! Even though GMW is canceled, I belive we can fight for a great movie to round things out. I have an idea that Riley moves away, and when Maya has missed her for a month, she gets the gang back together to find Riley.

After watching "Girl Meets Hollyworld" something occurred to me I'll bring out my theory and see what the rest of you think:. At the end of "Hollyworld", Katy is seemingly given a chance to be in a movie.. Let's suppose that this chance opens a door to a big break for Katy and she gets the opportunity to move to Los Angeles to advance her acting career. Would she take Maya with her if she were to make a major move like this? And if so, would Maya get homesick and move back to New York to be with her friends and Joshua?

Girl Meets Hollyworld was a great episode and my new favourite episode from Season 3, and pretty much my favourite episode overall. I loved how it parallelled Maya and Riley to Katy and her old best friend who drifted apart, and how Cory told Maya and Riley that drifting apart from your best friend is normal because it showed them how much they really need to value each other to stay together for the rest of their lives.

But other than that, the episode was so great! NOTE: this is my opinion, and if you love this episode, that's great, but this is me explaining why i didn't enjoy it. If someone were to produce a biopic about the Shangri-Las popular 60s girl group famous for "Leader Of The Pack" , how many of you think that Rowan Blanchard would be excellent in the role of lead singer Mary Weiss?

In looks alone I think she would be perfect for the part. What if we get a season four what do you want to happen who do you want to be a couple tell me here make-up an epsiode you would like to see.

Lately, as I've been watching season three, I've felt a lot differently towards the show then I have during the other two seasons, and I thought I'd vocalize those opinions.

I don't know if a lot of other people feel this way as well and just haven't spoken out about it, or if my opinion is just rather unpopular, but I felt the need to bring it up. For a show that prides itself on being 'realistic', I feel like season three hasn't really done that. Don't get me wrong, I love Girl Meets World, and am a huge fan, but I feel as if season three has been a let-down in comparison to seasons one and two.

The storylines this season aren't near as realistic as they once were, and to me, I feel like it's just been a ton of preaching. If you like step by step come. So, I watched Mostly Ghostly 3 and to be honest, I wasn't crazy about it.

The first half an hour was good, but after that The dialogue was a bit bad and the stunts seemed a bit fake. But, I'm going to watch it again and hopefully, I'll have a different opinion for it.

Sophie and Corey had a few good scenes together, so I have to admit, that was pretty awesome. But, I also made this blog because I found something I wanted to share with all you Riarkle and Cowan shippers.

Please note that the picture down below isn't made by me. Isn't that an awesome pic?! I just HAD to post it on my profile page the minute I saw it! So, thanks to whoever made that XD. It's Star here, and I just wanted to make a little announcement about a new wiki I'm working on.

The wiki, is about a series of books by writer R. Stine—the Mostly Ghostly series. The first three books have all been turned into movies made by Disney and the upcoming one, One Night in Doom House, is coming out tomorrow September 6 I've researched many references for this and is starring one of the fabulous actors in this show, Corey Fogelmanis. I have many many efforts on the wiki and so far, it is turning out great. However, many pages still need to be made, as well as templates, and I need some help preparing the wikia.

I am going to say goodbye to Girl meets world if it does not get renewed for a 4 seaosn or does not move to free form i am going to say goodbye it would not be the same if they did a spin off with ava and auggie it's not going to be the same with the regular cast. My favoirte seasons so far was Season 1 Girl meets home for the Holiday's seaosn 2 Girl meets game Night girl meets first date and Girl meets tell a tote, girl meets seaosn 3 Girl meets Ski lodge part 2 girl meets Upstate and girl meets bear, I like when maya said to josh she knew the kind of guy he was he would walk riley and maya home that she knew he was that kind of guy and to tell him she liked, they both had a great….

The Girl Meets Bear promo finally came out! And the suspense between Zay and Maya and Josh is what is killing everyone's mind. Major spoilers I know, but if you want to watch it, be my guest.

This is not my video, I did not make it. But I have watched a good 5 times. In this clip Zay talks to Josh, "I'm glad you and Maya decided that you might be right for each other someday.

But here's the thing. If you really care about her as much as you say, you don't want her so focused on the future that she misses now do you? Girl Meets I Do. I know I'm super behind on all these reviews, but trust me, I am watching every episode that has aired thus far. The only reason why I'm doing a review on this particular episode, is because I never did and I really loved this episode.

She's scared that Shawn is going to be like Kermit. Katy is smitten and Shawn tries to convince Maya that he loves her mother, but she replies, "Those are just words.

Shawn brings everyone to the roof and asked Katy if she wants to get married that night. Topanga and Katy, C….

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Dan, Keith, and Caitlin have a new podcast on a new feed. Episode One cover The Wonder Years, episodes one and two. Links below. Video Version: Youtube. Leave a comment.

The series centers around the life of a young teen girl, Riley Matthews, and her friends and family, particularly their school life, in which her father Cory is their history teacher. Riley shares a strong relationship with her best friend Maya Hart, who assists her in learning to cope with the social and personal issues of adolescence. Several Boy Meets World cast members reprise their roles in the series.

I am Allia. I like Girl Meets World. I watch it on Dailymotion and YouTube. If anyone can help me by giving me blog tips or tips on anything, really, that'd be helpful. And answer me truthfullywho enjoys quarantine?

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It was an interesting situation where he was playing himself, Vader. He was a hoot in all three of his episodes, but is likely best remembered for his final episode, "Sixteen Candles and a Pound Man" which focused on his strained relationship with Frankie. Here's an interesting interview with Michael Jacobs, focusing on his appearance. Rest In Peace, Vader!

Friday, January 20, Hey Jon.

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Riley wore this fun fringed top, and it worked with her preppy style because the colors are so playful and quirky. I love this skirt. It has such a beautiful print and I love that she wore it with this sporty type zipped top. Of course, she makes it more Maya by pairing it with necklaces and a graphic tee.

Girl Meets World has been cancelled and the series finale aired on Friday night January 20th. Like the original series, we see Riley learn lessons about the world and coming-of-age. The original series ran for 7 seasons from and followed Cory from Junior High into College. The spinoff ran for 3 seasons and followed Riley from junior high into her freshman year of high school. The basic framework of the new series was entirely identical to the original series. The show loved to call attention to how all of the children had parallels with earlier characters.

A Boy Meets World side-blog. I love this tv show since i was little so i decided to create this blog. Mar 5, - Explore dioncepoet's board "Boy meets world", followed by people on Pinterest. Life Lesson: 0. Has two older brothers named Gary I may not have emphasized that enough.

Girl Meets World Blog. likes. Just a girl trying to explore the world while figuring out hers.

Hello lovely! During the day, I work as a social media coordinator for an incredible non-profit. After work, you can catch me wining and dining with friends, reading a book or swimming laps. Why Tall Girl Meets World?

Girl Meets World aired their series finale last night. Cannot wait to see how they do that! The episode starts off with Maya asking Riley if Topanga has made a decision about taking a job in London meaning the entire family will move away from New York City. UGH these kids better not be Millennials.






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