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Get yourself some girlfriends poem

A companion to the author's Success Factors of Young African American Males , this study examines the historical, sociological, and psychological adversity that African American women have had to transcend. This volume contains case studies of young African American women. The young women share their experiences and insights and show how they have overcome considerable obstacles and persevered in obtaining a college education at an historically black college. The author compares, contrasts, and analyzes the comments of both groups, male and female, and their affect on each other. The book includes first-person narrations of young women, growing up in an inner city environment.

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My Shangri-la

Go places with them; do things with them. They see the bad, ugly parts of us but through a sort of rosy filter that allows them to love us anyway, in spite of, or even because of our faults. These are the women we slay dragons for and without hesitation. They know who they are in my life and they know that I appreciate them and love them with a deeper passion than can be described here.

The friends, who are women, but are not girlfriends. One cannot survive on girlfriends alone; it would be too much. Girlfriends are intense. We laugh hard, we cry hard, living and dying with each other.

Worthwhile, but exhausting. Friends, on the other hand, are light, social, easy, comfortable. They come in all forms but are most usually built for one purpose for you: the shopper friend, the soccer mom friend, the business friend mentors included , the gossip friend who always has the latest, the old best friend from high school, the spiritual friend, the cook, the fr-enemy friend that you intend to keep a close eye on.

Some of them knew you way back when and they serve as a great reminder to you of who you are at the roots. All of them accept you at face value and all are easy to pick up where you left off and have a casual easy afternoon together sweating on a little league field. Without them, you would be lonely, you would miss out on new experiences and meeting new people. Sure, sometimes the friend gets moved to girlfriend status, but not often.

If a girlfriend breaks your heart, talk with her and fix it. If a friend hurts you, recognize you expected too much and let it go.

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Lessons from 40 Something. Skip to content. Home About. These women are no less important than the girlfriends because they make you complete. Share this: Twitter Facebook LinkedIn. Like this: Like Loading I was raised by a football coach and a nursery school teacher. I'll tell you what I think if you ask me, and sometimes even if you don't. This entry was posted in Lessons and tagged 40s , 40something , life lessons , parenting , women.

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Email required Address never made public. Name required. I woke up this morning, accidentally cut my finger, and I was bleeding Black and Gold!! The good crys matter as much as the heartbreaking ones. What a comfort to… twitter. Maybe we'll all learn to appreciate our people a little more.

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The Difference Between a Girlfriend and a Woman

Not much older than me, but already the mother of three, she seemed experienced and wise. What a funny piece of advice, I thought. But I listened to this new sister-in-law and I got myself some girlfriends.

To my sisters, my friends from Joan Cartwright A young wife sat on a porch on a summer day, drinking iced tea and visiting with her Mother. As they talked about life, the mother clinked the ice cubes in her glass thoughtfully and turned a clear, sober glance upon her daughter. No matter how much you love your husband, no matter how much you love the children you'll have, you are still going to need girlfriends.

This poem is dedicated to the people who have yet to figure out the difference between a girlfriend and a woman. A girlfriend will give you butterflies, a woman will give you eagles or wings strong enough to cause a hurricane in your lungs every time you take a breath in her presence. A girlfriend will make you smile,a woman will make your tongue feel like a 7 year old little girl and your lips split like roast in her box for double douche and popularity. A girlfriend will come over to your house and help clean up your kitchen. A woman will come into your life and help clean up your credit.

This is a choice. A choice you should make sooner or later. Just like the choice Neo is offered between a red pill and a blue pill to go out of the Matrix. This is the moment of truth and you have to decide now. Will you take the red pill and reject to be prisoned in the Matrix like all the other people in order to walk on your own path? Or will you take the blue pill and stay in the comfortable simulated reality of the Matrix, like all the other silent and obedient millions of people. In other words will you reject the chance of building your own life and walking on your own path easily? Yes, this is just up to you.

Sometimes when I sit perfectly still and trick myself into a soft slumber, my dreams swiftly manage to escort me away from my weary life to places where the memories that I can never grasp are born. In my dreams I may visit a lush though over growing garden, deep in the crevices of May. The amber sun bores heartily on my back as I explore the garden. As a larger quantity of thorn-ridden branches fall clumsily to the grass, something amidst the tiny alcove where the thorns were sparkles.

The Conscious Road Home might be the last book on relationships a couple will ever need because it helps partners together or individually to develop self-awareness and self-mastery that gives each the inner strength and wisdom to handle troublesome issues. The reader will finally begin to understand why attached, committed partners think, feel, and behave the way they do.

Go places with them; do things with them. They see the bad, ugly parts of us but through a sort of rosy filter that allows them to love us anyway, in spite of, or even because of our faults. These are the women we slay dragons for and without hesitation.

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Not much older than I, but already the mother of three, Estelle seemed to be experienced and wise. Go places with them; do things with them. Hadn't I just gotten married? Hadn't I just joined the couple-world? I was a married woman, for goodness sake, not a young girl who needed girlfriends.


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