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Blinkbonny is a working woodland. It was planted with a mixture of Japanese Larch, Scots Pine and Norway Spruce around about 1960, and had been plantation prior to that. Like a lot of plantation woodland the density of tree planting precluded a wide range of species, but we have been managing it with a much higher priority for bio-diversity over the last ten years.

We are trying to map the flora and fauna of the woodland, but are far from experts in the field. We will use this page to list all the species that are identified by ourselves or visitors to the wood.



 Trees  Flora  Fungi  Mammals  Birds & Bats  Insects  Amphibians
 Scots Pine  Gorse  Cep  Brown Hare  Buzzard  Midge  Frogs ?
 Japanese Larch  Bluebell  Bracket  Rabbit  Black Bird  Dragonfly  Toads?
 Sessile Oak  Willow herb  Fly Agaric  Roe Deer  Robin  Mayfly  Newt
 Rowan  Primrose  Stinkhorns  Fox  Greenfinch  Water Boatmen  
 Hazel  Dog rose    Weasel


 Honey bee  
 Holly  Thistle    Rat  Pheasant  Wasps  
 Alder  Lupin    Hedgehog  Woodcock  Bumble Bee  
 Sweet Chestnut  Foxglove    Wood mouse  Barn Owl  Woodlice  
 Horse Chestnut  Blackberry    Stoat  Kestrel  Ants?  
 Aspen  Wild raspberry    Field mouse  Sparrows  Spiders?  
 Ash  Cocksfoot    Badger  Wren  Ladybird - 7 spot  
 Norway Spruce  Meadow foxtail    Grey Squirrel  Pied Wagtail  Beetles ?  
 Willow  Timothy      House martins Mayfly  
 Ash  Yorkshire fog      Swallows  Wood Ant  
 Crab Apple  Dogwood      Treecreeper  Butterflies  
 Beech  Heather      Wood Pigeon  Peacock  
 Purple Beech  Tufted vetch      Thrush  Cabbage White  
 Silver Birch  Birdsfoot trefoil      Chaffinch  Red Admiral  
 Elder  Dandelion      Willow Warbler    
 Sycamore  Buttercup      Chiffchaff    
 Blackthorn  Speedwell      Cuckoo    
 Box  Dock      Blue Tit    
   Nettle      Great Tit    
   Blaeberry      Green Woodpecker    
   Ox eye daisy      Lapwing    
   Snowdrops      Jay    
         Long tailed tit    
         Common pipistrelle    
         Soprano pipistrelle    
         Natterers bat    
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